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"SP" Mineral Oils,

Sar-Pet Petroleum Marketing and transportation Limited Company which makes production in the mineral oil factory located in Antalya Organized Industry Region with the trade-mark "SP" has been set up as Petrol Ofisi vendar at Antalya Düdenbaşı Mah. Gazi Bulvarı No:421 in 1995.
At present, our company which is Petrol Ofisi vender in the same adress has started Rapid Setting Cationic Bitumen Emulsion (CRS-1, CRS-2) and Grease Production in addition to the sorts of mineral oil produced with "SP" mark in the factory which was set up in Antalya Organized İndustry Region in 2003.
SP provides base-oil need entirely from Tüpraş-Aliağa Refinery and/or abroad, provides additivies and chemicals from abroad. Paraffinic base-oil founded engine oils, hydrolic system and industrial oil types are produced in our factory. Produced goods reach to the consumers in shrinked packages.
Our company has started to mineral oil export dating from 2004.



Sar-Pet Pazarlama ve Nakliyat Limited Şirketi

Center / Factory: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 7. Cadde Antalya
Phone: 0242 258 15 00 - Fax: 0242 258 16 85

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